About Us


HK2 Food District was created in 2009, with the simple goal of providing the community with  the freshness and customer service of the “old-fashioned” grocery shops. We missed going to the same local butcher, which we’ve known for years, the same guy that just happened to know exactly what we were in the mood for. We miss that old couple that ran the local produce stand, who always supplied the freshest strawberries, and we just miss shopping and talking to the shop owners that knew us and our families.

These small independent food stores had been devoured by large corporations, forcing these mom-and-pop shops, we have all known and grown to love, to go out of business. The result? Shoppers are left with shopping at large impersonal warehouses.

Here at HK2, our goals are to re-establish that intimate and personal shopping experience for our customers and community. Our trained staff’s mission is to provide customers with the best attentive service and provide the freshest and highest quality products for our communities.

We strive for ultimate customer satisfaction; the HK2 family is here to serve you.

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